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Rules and Regulations

Follow the below guidelines to create your dream bike

Registration Guidelines

1.A team should have a NAME and a maximum of 10 participants.
2.Registration fees of Rs.12,000 should be paid after registration.
3.Registration can be made online by clicking Here.
4.Registration fee has to be paid by means of Demand Draft ONLY favouring "PRINCIPAL , ACHARYA INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY" payable at Bangalore.
5.Registration can be terminated by the organisers if the DD is not recieved within 15 days from the date of registration.

Guidelines for Design/Sketch

1.The design/sketch can be created using any design software or can be hand sketched.
2.Front view and side view of the design should be presented.
3.Submission of Design/Sketch is optional and bonus points will be awarded if submitted .

Guidelines for Building the Bike

1.Teams can start building the bike after registration.
2.A bike manufactured after 2005 should be used for the competition.
3.The bike presented should be fully functional for judging.
4.Bonus points will be awarded if the bike has a valid Registration Certificate.

Guidelines for Innovative Technology Incorporation

1.Innovative technologies like automatic lights, ABS, etc can be implemented on the bike and bonus points will be awarded for the same.
2.Points awarded for the innovative technologies implemented will be based on their feasibility.
3.Creative modifications will fetch more points.

General Guidelines

1.Stalls will be provided for the teams during the event to showcase their bikes.
2.Judging criteria will be based on the visual similarity of the design with the actual built bike.
3.Voting process will carry 50% of the points and the remaining points will be awarded by the jury.
4.Emission certificate for the bike has to be produced during the competition.
5.Head light, Brake Light, Indicators and Mirrors are mandatory for safety purpose and points will be deducted if its not incorporated.
6.The tyres used must not be worn more than the tyre wear limit prescribed legally.
7.The bike should have a minimum Ground clearance of 150mm.
8.If the team is getting help from a mechanic or a fabricator, teams are required to give the name and company of the same.
9.An Acceleration Test and a Braking test will be conducted on the bikes on the day of the event and points will be awarded for the same.
10.There should not be any visible fluid leaks on the bike (viz- fuel leak, oil leak, etc.)
11.Event will be conducted on the 28th and 29th of April 2016.

Marking Scheme

1. Design and Aesthetics - 1000 points
  -Visual Appeal - 500 points.
  -2D Design Printout/Hand Sketch, two views (Front View and Side View) – 250 points.
  -Final bike design similarity to the 2D Design/Sketch submitted - 250 points

2. Performance – 300 points
  -Acceleration Test.
  -Braking Test.
  -Emission Test (Emission Test Certificate has to be produced from a registered emission testing center by the team.)

3. Safety and Comfort - 300 Points
  -Brake Light.
  -Seat Comfort.

4. Innovation – 400 points
  -For Ex: Automatic Lights, ABS, Smart Bike Technology Etc.

5.There will be 3 Jury members and each jury member will give up to 1000 points according to their point of view .
  -Jury Members will award the points to the team directly for better transparency.

6. On the day of the Auto Expo and competition, people will visit the stalls of the participants and vote for their most loved bike.
  -Each voter can vote only ONCE and each vote will fetch 20 Points.
  -Transparency of voting will be given utmost importance.